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Artist Statement


My international career as an ethnic dancer acquainted me with the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of clothing across the globe. I'm also enamored by the glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age. My designs blend ancestral tradition and modern sophistication into a timeless presentation that radiates dignity and sensuality. Wearing a work of art is a gift I give both to myself and the world around me by sharing the healing feeling of beauty to all I meet or pass on the street. 


For nearly all of history before the 20th century, people crafted their own clothes, celebrating the creativity, passions and values of their own lives and communities. Bespoke (made-to-measure) clothing made by hand honors each wearer's unique physicality and personality. Each garment I create to my exact measurements is a testament to both who I am and what I hold dear. I wear my heart on my sleeve, deliberately.


Movement is freedom and I’m an explorer by nature. My clothes inspire me to walk, dance and even hike for miles, experiencing all the world’s beauty in comfort. Clothing is an art we exhibit wherever we go, free from the constraints of the stationary gallery. As I walk about, all manner of people approach me to admire and inquire about my clothing, a unique convivial connection between audience, art and artist.

My Couture Alchemy reclaims our birthright of beauty, humanity and freedom in our clothing with a technique that is sustainable, attainable and affordable, bringing style, meaning and comfort to our everyday lives.

                                                                                                                                                                  - Amy Luna

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