LondonHouse, Chicago

Amy Luna (meaning "love" and "light") leads a life of passion, purpose and pleasure. A lifelong practitioner of sustainability and voluntary simplicity, Amy Luna began creating couture fine art from repurposed textiles in 2018.

"Fashion" cannot help but be a "statement" of who we are. Amy Luna's creations identify and amplify diverse voices and the values of community, courage and compassion while celebrating nature and the rich art and design culture of the city of Chicago.


Made-to-measure, the pieces in her collections balance form and function--engineered for the comfort and mobility of the unique wearer while emanating elegance and style.


Inspired by bold ethnic clothing traditions from around the world, Amy Luna's designs transform seemingly contrary elements into harmonious balance, crafting a moveable feast for the eye.

Learn more about Amy Luna's unique life and art through her "Voices by Amy Luna" podcast.