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Amy Luna is an artist and philosopher who practices Couture Alchemy and teaches The Art of the Smart Heart through her podcast, Amy Luna Land.

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Couture Alchemy


elegant, unique, custom-fitted garments created by hand



magically transforming common matter into great value


Amy Luna fashions sustainable fine art from pre-owned clothing, a technique she named Couture Alchemy. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture, she applied his maxim “form and function are one” to elegant clothing designed for the comfort and mobility of the unique wearer. Influenced by bold, vibrant ethnic clothing from around the world, her singular creations celebrate art, nature, epic stories, inspiring icons, diverse cultures, holidays, fantasy and fun. 

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Gallery Shows & Commissions

Amy Luna's Couture Alchemy fine art is available for gallery shows. The artist can provide flat backed wall-mounted dress forms for up to 40 pieces. An additional 9 free standing dress forms are also available for display. Please use the contact form below to inquire about exhibiting Amy Luna's art at your venue or to commission a custom piece in collaboration with the artist.



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The Art of the Smart Heart

Amy Luna combined her academic training in philosophy and her firsthand experience with diverse cultures into The Art of the Smart Heart--how to balance critical thinking (intelligence) with empathy and compassion (heart). She teaches The Art of the Smart Heart with humor, candor and storytelling in her life-changing podcast, Amy Luna Land.

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Amy Luna perfoming dances of Russia, Spain and India


Amy Luna

Amy Luna (meaning "love" and "light") earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a master’s degree in Political Philosophy. Her thesis research identified obstacles to and solutions for intracommunity justice.


She then channeled her love of music, dance and diverse cultures into an international career as a dance ethnographer and ethnomusicologist, working closely with indigenous groups around the world to document, honor and celebrate native music and dance traditions. Her research and performances of the dances of the Romani ("Gypsy") diaspora are included in the Romani Archives at the University of Texas at Austin. Amy Luna's career performance highlights include the Beijing International Cultural Festival in China, the Jaisalmer Desert Festival in India, the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and as a Club Med Artist throughout the Caribbean. A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Amy Luna taught music theory at Disney's Pixar University. She composed the theme music for Amy Luna Land.

A dynamic public speaker, Amy Luna entertains and enlightens with her philosophy, The Art of the Smart Heart. She has shared her unique wisdom in many diverse contexts, including the California State University system, the Mensa Annual Gathering, Under the Hood (the veteran’s outreach center for Fort Hood, Texas army base) and in television appearances in the U.S. and internationally. 

Beginning in 2018, Amy Luna synthesized her personal values of passion, purpose and pleasure with the aesthetics of beauty and balance absorbed from her global adventures into Couture Alchemy.

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